Strange Native


Who Is Strange Native?

He is me. I is him. Hello, I’m Russ Maschmeyer. I’m an interaction and product designer, currently employed by Facebook.

I started out life as a performance and installation artist. For a few years I toured around the US with my band, The XYZ Affair. Along the way I worked with a number of big and small companies, bringing their brands online. In 2011—and as a member of the inaugural class—I received my MFA in Interaction Design from the School of Visual Arts in New York.

In my down time I’m probably sitting at home in San Francisco, working on a pet project while sitting next to my wife, Jessica Hische, and our two cats, Billy D. Kibbles and Olivia Benson.

What I’m Into

I have an evolving list of hobbies which includes but is not limited to: music, furniture design, bread baking, playing guitar, writing, audio engineering, science fiction, building microphones, coding, and yammering in front of large audiences.

Speaking Of Which…

I’d love to talk at your event! Here are some topics that are dear to my heart:

  • Once More With Feeling

    MOTIV & the future of digital music interfaces as interaction looks less like button mashing and more like dancing.

  • Web-Nerd Confidential

    A narrative about my own path to becoming a web & product designer with resources and examples that will help jump start others.

  • Don’t Fear the Internet

    Workshop: Jessica Hische and I teach the basics of HTML & CSS to empower non-web-nerds to start making today!

  • CSS for Typophiles

    Workshop: Jessica Hische and I show you how to recreate great typography on the web using web fonts & real-world CSS.

Get In Touch

I’m not currently interested in employment opportunities or freelance, but if you have any questions about my projects, are interested in having me speak, or if you just have a cool project that you want to chat about, feel free to get in touch!

twitter: @strangenative