Strange Native


Basic Control Prototype Complete!

Feb 24, 2011

By jove I’ve done it! With the final element of expressive control under my belt, I’m looking forward to getting the gestural control experiments under way. This is when it starts to get exciting, people!

I’ve also hatched a plan to begin working with an electronic musician, or perhaps a few, to create compositions with my tool in mind to test how they’d like to interact with the application and see if anything interesting comes out of it. I’ve got a few folks in mind. More on that when I have it.

For now, enjoy the show!

Expressive Control: Articulation, Intensity


  1. It’s happening!!!
    You are a mad scientist of computer sounds.

  2. Wow Max/MSP, I haven’t used that in a few years! Your project is looking pretty good. Cheers.