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Calling All Collaborators

Mar 12, 2011
This morning I attended what I thought was a presentation on community building at sxsw. It turned out to be less of a presentation, and more of a sharing and discussion group about the communities we were building. Uh oh. I suddenly realized how far I had sat down from the exit doors. I hadn’t come prepared to talk about the community I was building. I wasn’t even building a community! So when it came time for me to share… I told a little lie.

Well I’m building a new kind of instrument, so I’m trying to build a community of musicians to play with it and help build it, together, into something really valuable.

It was a little white lie—until I heard myself say it.

Then I realized how ridiculous it was that it wasn’t the truth. It immediately dawned on me how transformative turning full-force to the music & developer community could be, especially right now. To date I’ve held back from opening up to others. Until recently I was still forming my vision for the project. Without a clear vision, opening up to a community—any community—would have probably led to confusion and frustration. It might have been exciting in some regards, but would have lacked productive direction. Ultimately it might have killed what I believe could be a fundamentally transformative concept in digital music performance. I needed some time to figure out what it was that I believed in.

Now—having developed some of the rudimentary principles as a prototype, and having a clear vision for Motiv, I think it’s the perfect time to invite others to play, develop, and otherwise shape the experience. Community is the driving force behind the development of WordPress, openFrameworks, and the Arduino physical computing platform (not to mention all the Kinect Hacking happening as well). Each one of these projects relies on the collective shaping power of the community and a directing vision of a core group in communication with that community.

So, today, I’m Issuing an open call on to musicians and developers alike. Let’s get together, play, and develop Motiv into an intuitive, powerful, and expressive musical tool. Let’s collaborate! If you have friends who fall into one of those categories, spread the word!

Join the meet-up group:
Motiv Musicians MEETUP.COM Page

Share it on Twitter by using this link:

This is gonna be fun.


  1. You, Sir, are brilliant and inspirational.
    I have been feeling a funk for days that has silenced all the music in my soul and miscalculated my choice of reality.
    Until, that was, I read your blog about telling your community building team a “white lie”.
    It made so much sense to me,then, also. You looked back at all you had been doing, and it all fit together after saying the truth without realizing it. An epiphany, indeed.
    I’d love to speak to you more, but I have to get out of my house RIGHT NOW and start doing some things.
    Thank you for the wake up, and I hope your day is just as illuminating!