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Inspired by the Design of Destruction

box schematic

Fonderie47 Cufflink Box

Fonderie47 envisions a prosperous Africa free from the fear of assault rifles. To this end they melt down illegal AK47s and transform the steel into jewelry. Each piece sold funds the removal and destruction of more assault rifles, through funding they provide to their non-profit partner.

I worked closely with Peter Thum and John Zapolski, CEO and Cofounder, to design this jewelry box for their first product line: a pair of cufflinks designed by Roland Iten. The hidden drawer mimics the AK47s ammo magazine when extended from the box. The proceeds from each pair of cufflinks sold removes 100 guns from the field.

Evinn Quinn contributed CAD mechanicals for the prototype. Clockwork Apple refined the latching mechanism and produced the boxes.