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Information Visualization: The Die Hard Index

Apr 12, 2010

So, this is kind of fun. We’re taking an Information Visualization class with the head of the graphics department at the New York Times, Steve Duenes. For our final, we were tasked with creating a unique info graphic on the topic of sports, or a museum experience, drawing from significant amounts of quantitative or qualitative data.

Data research is typically not the kind of thing I’m into, but I took the assignment by the balls and by no fault of my own happened upon something I think is kind of interesting. I call it “The Die Hard Index.” By combing a lot of data, ranging from the annual Fan Cost Index, local per capita income, stadium capacity vs. seasonal home attendance, and the team’s win/loss record I arrived at a formula that can pretty accurately predict how fervently supportive a ball club’s fans are.

Chicago Cubs came in with this year’s #1 fans. Take a look!


Fast Company chose The Die Hard Index as their infographic of the day!


  1. Luke

    Really nice design Russ; looks great.

    • Russ

      Thanks, Luke!