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  1. Max/MSP + Wacom Hijinks »

    Feb 05, 2011

    In follow up to a meeting I had with Robin Bargar on Monday, I spent this week constructing a suitable control environment utilizing max/msp and my Wacom tablet. Essentially, I’m using my Wacom pen and the parameters it outputs (x pos, y pos, x tilt, y tilt, pressure, z-axis, etc) as real-time control knobs to […]

  2. First Expressive Tests »

    Jan 27, 2011

    I’ve made some great coding progress so far utilizing openFrameworks and their ofxOpenNI and ofxOSC addons with a Max patch using the CNMAT objects. Took a week or so to get OpenNI running, but once I did the final demo came together in a single day! Can’t wait to start devising some expression experiments. My […]

  3. A Change of Direction »

    Jan 19, 2011

    Coming out of last semester, I felt great about where my thesis was, conceptually. When I thought about the possibilities generated by an instrument that could play expression instead of notes I got excited. I still get excited. What was still cloudy and getting even cloudier was how exactly I would prototype something like this. […]

  4. New Ideas & Strategy »

    Dec 08, 2010

    Aqwire Interface, Version 2 Mock-Up We’ve spent these last five weeks generating tangible ideas (“What are your key elements/actors/functions? How does it work?”) as well as considering business model contexts (“Who’s are your customers/partners? What’s your value proposition? What are your key activities/competencies? How do you make this sustainable if not profitable?”). A lot to […]

  5. The Little Wave Before the Big One »

    Dec 02, 2010

    This past week we did thesis class double duty, holding court two days in a row. This presentation was a big one, but not the Big One. We’ve been prototyping and working toward broad stroke executions of our thesis concepts and needed some extra wiggle room to fully describe 2-3 execution concepts each. In the […]