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  1. What’s in a Name? »

    Feb 22, 2011

    I’ve probably lost a few of you along this long and winding road. I’m sorry. Today, I aim to clarify. Below, you’ll find as clear a description as I can make at this point as well as the new (still impermanent) name for my project. Think of it as the next level up from an […]

  2. Moving On: Velocity, Bend, Vibrato »

    Feb 16, 2011

    After a frustrating week trying to get some real-time control over a MIDI file’s tempo during playback I decided it was time to move on, try to keep to my schedule, and begin control work on note velocity, pitch bend, and vibrato. Luckily, I did that all in one night. I have until monday or […]

  3. Max/MSP + Wacom Hijinks »

    Feb 05, 2011

    In follow up to a meeting I had with Robin Bargar on Monday, I spent this week constructing a suitable control environment utilizing max/msp and my Wacom tablet. Essentially, I’m using my Wacom pen and the parameters it outputs (x pos, y pos, x tilt, y tilt, pressure, z-axis, etc) as real-time control knobs to […]

  4. Meetings and Adjustments »

    Jan 31, 2011

    This past week I had some great conversations and some important realizations. Requirements On Thursday I made a requirements document, a simple list describing each element that would have to be accomplished for me to complete my thesis. Going into the exercise I imagined I would create a two-part system: A sequencing system and what […]

  5. First Expressive Tests »
    First Expressive Tests »

    Jan 27, 2011

    I’ve made some great coding progress so far utilizing openFrameworks and their ofxOpenNI and ofxOSC addons with a Max patch using the CNMAT objects. Took a week or so to get OpenNI running, but once I did the final demo came together in a single day! Can’t wait to start devising some expression experiments. My […]