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  1. Thinking Ahead »

    Nov 22, 2010

    A really well put together video describing ReBirth for iPad. Well described, well shot. The interface actions are complemented well by motion graphic cutaways.

  2. JazzMutant & the Lemur »

    Nov 18, 2010

    Photo by William Crozes; courtesy Stantum Great Article from Create Digital Music about Stantum/JazzMutant and their Lemur multi-touch controller interface. And an even more interesting follow up article about its demise

  3. Prototype A »

    Nov 15, 2010

    This week we were asked to come up with three concepts for what form our thesis could take. Then we were asked to use prototyping to take one of those concepts a step further. Since I have a pretty solid idea about “what” my thesis is I decided to focus my brainstorming and prototyping muscle […]

  4. Brian Eno FTW »

    Nov 11, 2010

    image credit: Pitchfork Media Check out this snippet of a recent interview Brian Eno did with Pitchfork’s Mark Richardson. If Brian Eno feels the same way I do, I must be on to something. Pitchfork: You’re credited with “computer” on the album. There were two things that I read about years ago, when you were […]

  5. 05. A New Context »

    Nov 08, 2010

    Looking Back To Move ForwardThis past friday Gill Wildman and Nick Durrant of CMU stopped by for a full day workshopping with us. We started the day by sharing what we wanted to be when were kids, then imagined our futures and considered how our thesis projects could bridge the gap in this timeline. When […]