Strange Native


Part Arduino, part Twitter, part spirit medium

One part technological, another theatrical, The Tarot Trunk was one of my favorite projects from first semester. The collaboration between myself, Eric St. Onge and Derek Chan culminated in an amalgam of Arduino, Twitter, and old fashioned tarot card reading.

A proximity sensor detects the presence of a potential client and lures them in by lighting up the trunk. The user selects a fortune topic using a dial, then draws three binary-coded tarot cards which are placed into slots. The capacitive-touch crystal ball pulses to signal the user to place their hands on it. When the physical connection is made, the trunk communes with the internet. A patron’s request is sent to Twitter in the form of a tweet. The followers of @tarottweeter see the request for a new fortune and get creative. The first tweet gathered is then sent back to the trunk where it is printed as a unique, personalized fortune for the patron.

  • Eric St. Onge,
  • Derek Chan