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This Is Getting Intense

Mar 10, 2011

Sketchbook Notes on Visualizations
Post-It sketches of potential gestural visualizations

Today I’m down at sxsw. If you’re here and want to meet up, tweet @strangenative! Before I skipped town for a bit of nerdy r&r I did a bit more work on developing my prototype. At the encouragement of the gentlemen of berg I began thinking about how I might communicate this concept without having to explain it. No epiphanies on that yet, but it did lead me to thinking about the system’s visual feedback.

I think the system’s visuals could do a lot to communicate what’s happening without explanation. I started by sketching. There are already some great ideas in there. I’ll be creating a lot more of those little sketches before I’m ready to actually make anything happen though.

Working in openFrameworks on Monday, I successfully determined the velocities of all the virtual Kinect joints, and derived the magnitude of the body’s movement from that information. I also did a bit of visual graphing to understand the patterns of my own movement. Then I managed to actually map the magnitude of my movement to this thing I’m calling “Intensity.” Intensity in my system really just means how densely layered the composition is. The more “intense” a piece becomes, the more layers of instrumentation are added.

Enjoy! I’m off to walk around Austin and steel myself for long nights and lots of cool people meeting.

First Feedback Visuals & Magnitude Mapping

Gestural Mapping: Intensity/Magnitude


  1. Ferdinand Salis

    This looks great! Good luck with all your work and greetings from Austria.