Strange Native


Thoughts from Summer

Aug 20, 2010

Summer has been pretty great. For three months I’ve been between San Francisco and Cupertino, interning at Apple and exploring the Bay. I’m proud of a few things I did while out here, but it’s coming to a close and I’m feeling the New York Itch. I’m not talking about bed bugs.

Apple has been fantastic. I was consistently impressed by the folks I met and worked with. It was a great experience working for one of the best consumer products companies in the world, learning about their process and corporate culture. Best of all, I actually felt as though I contributed something valuable while here—though I won’t get to see it all through myself.

I’m looking forward to settling back into Brooklyn. There are a lot of folks that I’m looking forward to hanging out with again. I’m also looking forward to getting back to school and ripping into my thesis project. It’s going to be amazing. Hold on to yer butts.


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